The team

The photographs show the Quantum Device Lab team led by Prof. Andreas Wallraff. The team consists of postdoctoral scientists, PhD students, undergraduate students (including Semester-/Summer students) and management & technical collaborators.


May 2008:

(back row) Andreas Wallraff, Johannes Fink, Lars Steffen, Deniz Bozyigit, Christian Lang, Andreas Fragner, Peter Maurer, Matthias Baur, Martin Goeppl, (front row) Prisca Studer, Romeo Bianchetti, Peter Leek, Gabriel Puebla, Stefan Filipp


October 2007:

(back row) Hans-Rudi Aeschach, Andreas Wallraff, Johannes Fink, Raoul Scherwitzl, Lars Steffen, Martin Goeppl, Gaby Strahm, Gabriel Puebla, (front row) Andreas Fragner, Peter Leek, Tobias Frey, Romeo Bianchetti


August 2006:

(back row) Hans-Rudi Aeschach, Johannes Fink, Will Braff, Martin Goeppl, Jonah Waissman, Andreas Wallraff, (front row) Gaby Strahm, Romeo Bianchetti , Peter Leek, Parisa Fallahi